International Student/H-1 Visa

Ive been living in the united states for 5 years on h-1 visa and have applied for green card. i dont have the green card yet tho. i will have to apply as an international student to jhu and duke. wat r my chances into duke and jhu compared to some1 with the same stats as me but has citizenship/green card

thnx guys

<p>If you don't have your green card then yes, you will be applying as an international student. </p>

<p>Please remember that the university met full-demonstrated need for a limited number of international students applying for first-year admission. Because financial resources are limited, each year Duke expects to enroll 20-25 first-year foreign citizens with need-based financial aid.</p>

<p>From their application :</p>

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<p>Foreign Citizens Who Are Not U.S. Citizens Or Permanent
Residents Applying For Financial Aid
(1) Answer “yes” to the question regarding financial aid status on the
Personal Data Sheet (Question 21 on Form 1). This may affect the
decision of the Admissions Committee, since need-based financial aid will be available to a limited number of foreign citizens. You will receive your financial aid notification at the same time as the offer of admission only if you check “yes” and file forms by the appropriate deadline.</p>

<p>(2) Submit the International Student Financial Aid Application along
with a copy of your family’s most recent national tax forms. Also, please
have your parents’ employers provide, in English, statements that outline the annual income and benefits received in connection with their current employment. The aid application is available through Duke’s Financial Aid Office Web site, <a href=""&gt;;/a>. If you are an international student living with your family in the United States, you should submit the same application materials the university requires for U.S. citizens except the FAFSA. Submit all financial aid application materials along with your application for admission.</p>

<p>IF you have a green card, you are in the pool with ohter U.S. citizens and green card holders. The process is need-blind and the school will meet your demonstrated need.</p>