International Student Help

Hi all, hopefully, this is the right place to ask this question. if not sorry!

I am an international student looking to apply for colleges in the U.S.A.

I take the CIE Cambridge curriculum and these are my results:
AS Level
Economics A (80)
English Literature B (76)
History B (74)
Accounting B (70)
A Level
Math C (69)

I am currently sitting on these papers in November: A level economics, history, English literature as well as AS physics and expected to get either B or A on all these papers.

I find it hard to know where I sit in terms of students and where I should apply to and judging whether I can make it into schools I’m interested in. I am wanting to study business/commerce and I’m mainly interested in going to school in Boston either Boston University or North-Eastern University.

If anyone knows where these results should rank me / whether the schools I’m interested are reachable for acceptance or not, thanks

How do these grades compare with others taking the same curriculum?

What is your budget? Are you fine with being full pay?

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