International student - HOW to put it?

<p>Hello all,</p>

<p>Hopefully you will be able to give your opinion/help me. I have already called few universities, however I am still not sure how to do it.</p>

<p>As an international student, I feel perplexed by all of the fin aid forms. One of the deadlines for me to submit them is 3rd January and I started filling css and college board forms. I do not know whether I should put one thing.</p>

<p>My dad has a business, however, it has not made any money for the last 2 years and my dad is working for the minimum salary in this period just to contain it, our family did not get anything from it and is not going to do so in the following years. Although he has 100 percent shares, the company itself is small and closed (is this the word?). On the forms from the employer there is just a name of the company and it shows that my dad works as a manager here, which is perfectly true.</p>

<p>My question is – could I just put my dad as a manager in this company? It would make everything so much easier. Would it be lying or perhaps I could simply include the additional info if universities require it? Would not putting the business consequence in me not getting fin aid (I‘m from very low-income family of five <15000) and would it be lying? I can not afford to risk it, because there is no way I could afford any college in US.</p>

<p>So again, would it be bad for me to put my dad as an employee of the firm (he is actually an employee there as well as a share holder)? How would universities check? </p>

<p>Thanks in advance guys.</p>

<p>If your father owns the business, he must fill that section of the css profile, profits loss and assets in a truthful manner. Willful misrepresentation will be cause for you to have to repay all of the monies that you will be given in need based aid and grounds for your school to revoke admission if accepted or discharge you (if you are attending).</p>

<p>Are you a US citizen or resident alien? If not, then you are not eligible for need base financial aid. Only for merit aid and you have to be good in academics.</p>

<p>FLtoWashu - The OP is not eligible for Federally determined need-based aid which requires the FAFSA, but that does not mean that he/she is not eligible for any institutionally determined need-based aid. Some colleges and universities do offer this to international students.</p>

<p>Thank you. To be on the safe side, I will fill all of the info with a long letter explaining dad's business situation. I hope it won't look suspicious or anything. All of the unis I apply offer fin aid to internationals (need based). </p>

<p>However, if anyone would know if they have any means to find out about the previous situation (my dad having shares in particular) I'd be grateful to hear your opinion.</p>


<p>If you put that he's a manager, how would you explain there's no income?</p>

<p>Private colleges ill take a hard look at the business. Many small businesses that lose money on paper still throw off money. So colleges disallow some business deductions tax authorities allow. Colleges also put a valueon the business. Bottom line is they probably won't see the business value the way your dad does.</p>

<p>How does your family currently support itself? They will look at that too.</p>

if anyone would know if they have any means to find out about the previous situation (my dad having shares in particular) I'd be grateful to hear your opinion.


<p>Here's my opinion. BE HONEST on your forms. You never know what the school might request to verify your financial information, including PAST YEAR information about financials. If your dad is the owner of the business THAT is what you need to put on the forms. You can attach something that documents the business woes (a letter from you won't do need something far more official than that...simply put, ANYONE could write a letter saying the business is doing poorly when in actuality it might not be...think about it). This might include whatever your "tax" or business documentation is for your country. You will have to note everything in U.S. dollars.</p>

<p>If you are wondering how they can "find out" about other things, it makes me think you are planning to be less than honest about what is really happening with this business. Do you realize that if FOUND OUT, you jeopardized not only any financial aid awards but also your offer of admittance. These schools are not impressed by dishonesty of any kind.</p>

<p>Just tell the truth and let the chips fall as they will. It's the honest thing to do.</p>

<p>I will, thank you, I appreciate your answer. Applying itself is stressful enough as I'm the only person I know ever to apply to US, with all the exams, Common App and essays. Never thought filling fin aid would be a problem, as we're a low-income family, yet it is all very confusing and difficult. I will put the business as it is and ask any documents he may have. In the end, is there a probability that universities would reject my application for fin aid if I fill everything as it is, on terms of them not understanding the business or my country's system? There're no tax forms, only balances of expense and income forms. And everything's to be translated, right?</p>

<p>They have seen applications from every imaginable country. Just don't expect them to come p with the same number you do for income. Your expenses probably include things they will not allow. Their job is to find money for themselves and their attitude is that families should do a little suffering to pay their share towards college.</p>

<p>Is it still the case when there're 5 people in the family and its combined income is 11000 US dollars? I am willing to work as much as it is possible, however, I do not believe family can contribute to my education one bit... We are spending most our money on food and there's no cutting down on that.</p>

<p>The terms of a student visa severely limits your ability to work in the US.</p>

<p>It could be fine, need based aid schools may not expect them to pay anything. It's just that you need to be aware owning a business can be tricky where aid is concerned.</p>

<p>Thanks for answers. Waverly, what do you mean it can be tricky? If it does not provide enough income for a family, can it possibly be a reason for me being turned down for fin aid? Is there anything in my power that could be done to prevent it?</p>