International student (italy) seeking INFO and CHANCE ME

<p>Hey guys, just another chance me and info thread from an italian student who is really stressed out..
i just wanted to tell you a few things about my application just to see if i'm choosing the right schools and doing the right things (recommendation letters, etc..), can you please help?
first of all i have lived in Florence, Italy my whole life and only go to the the US in summers to visit relatives, because my mom is american. I have always gone to school in an italian system (you wouldn't believe how ridiculous the english teaching is..) and studied about three month's for these exams, the results of which i am "pretty much" satisfied with..</p>

<p>sat scores (first and last sitting ) from october 2011</p>

<p>CR 650 M 580 W 700</p>

<p>i suck at math and always will and i know it looks bad, what do you think?</p>

<p>TOEFL: 111/120 </p>


<p>SAT II world history, latin and italian in december( will it be too late for early decision?)</p>

<p>not many extracurriculars as all you people seem to have,
-electric guitar
-rock band (Gigs around tuscany, many contests, recordings, important concerts..)
-communicating arts project (art tour guide around florence)</p>

<p>i'm thinking of applying Early Decision to either Amherst college or Wesleyan, even though i'm leaning more towards the last one. which do you think i would be better for (if i actually stand a chance)?</p>

<p>for recommendation letters i'm asking my english teacher and my art history teacher, only problem is amherst has only 5 types of teachers listed from which to receive the letters and art history isn't on the list and i have already asked my teacher..what should i do?</p>

<p>other schools i'm thinking of applying to</p>

trinity college
boston university/college

<p>but most of all

<p>Buuump buump</p>

<p>What are your grades like?
Your SAT scores are not in range for most of those schools. They're OK for BU. Not familiar with Trinity.</p>

<p>I think if money is not an issue, Wesleyan over Amherst. I just think of it as being a little more cosmopolitan. I think half the city of Middletown must have relatives in Sicily. :)</p>