international student needs help/photo major

<p>hi i am an international student who wants to major in photo somewhere in california/new york , </p>

<p>at the moment i am looking at
cal arts
NYU Tisch </p>

<p>but not sure what else is out there/respected
i have done one year of photo at my school and currently doing my a level in it. any colleges or help would be great. my current sat score is 1900 ( M:630, W:650, R:620). </p>

<p>please help.</p>

<p>Hi Lizzyphoto,</p>

<p>We will need more info to help you fully. Tell me about your grades. Is money an issue? Can we see some of your portfolio? Why just NY and California? What country are you from?</p>

<p>Most 17-18 year olds don't know what they want to be and that's fine. Do you know what type of photographer you want to be? Fashion, photojournalist, fine art, etc.? </p>

<p>Describe the perfect school for me. What are you looking for in a school?</p>


<p>hi Wheaty, </p>

<p>i have been predicted an A/A* for my photography a level and am currently finalising my portfolio, money is not an issue for me. i am looking towards more photo journalism and am currently working on a collection based around social documentary. i am looking at colleges in california and new york as when i looked round colleges they were my favourites. I love a college with a campus feel. not to sure what i am looking for in a school, yet nothing too small or far away. i like something that would be close to places and dont have to travel to far away for.</p>


<p>Well kiddo you're not giving me a lot to go on here but here's a little bit based on what you've said above.</p>

<p>I would recommend that you add Boston University, Rochester Institute of Technology, U of Missouri, Ohio State and U of Southern California to your list of possible colleges. There are many others but this group jumps to my mind. I don't know what your U.S. GPA calculation for all of your courses would be so I can't advise you on the likelihood of admission to any of the above.</p>

<p>NYU would also be perfect except for your desire for a traditional college campus. Perfect otherwise. CalArts would not be as good a fit. Terrific art school but you would leave there as more of a fine arts photographer without the journalism part. Turns out the journalism part is very important to be a good photojournalist. You have to understand the story and how to convey that story through your photos.</p>

<p>I can recommend other schools if this group is above or below your stats and portfolio.</p>


<p>Sorry for being so vague, i will try give you more details, I am not to sure how to calculate GPA as my school is doing a new a course instead of alevels for everything but photography and it is called pre-u. i have always peformed ok in my grades. at gcse i got 2a* 5as and 2bs if that helps and am looking at the equvilant of 1A* 2As and a B for my exams this year, so dont know what colleges those would be approprate for. my photography teacher has recommended the top colleges in england for photography but not to sure what they would be in the states as they dont help very much here. </p>

<p>back to the campus yes i would love a traditional campus. </p>

<p>also just created a flickr and uploaded some photos, some of my best are not on it but just a few so you can sort of see my work. </p>

<p>Flickr:</a> lizhuth's Photostream</p>


<p>Thanks for the additional info. I'm going to guess a U.S. college would calculate your weighted GPA to be in the 3.8 to 4.0 range and that combined with an SAT of 1900 is pretty good. </p>

<p>Your stats would be about a match at Boston University and you might consider being a Journalism major with a photo minor. BU is similar to NYU in that they have an urban campus so while their program is solid this one does not hit all of your criteria. Here's their program: Programs</a> Academics | Boston University</p>

<p>USC would be a reach for you but it definitely hits all of your criteria. Close to downtown Los Angeles, very traditional campus, excellent journalism school, excellent art school. Same thing here I would apply to their communications school and get a Journalism major with a fine art minor (or major if Roski approves your portfolio) in photo. Here's their journalism program:
USC</a> Annenberg | Journalism</p>

<p>As I said, NYU is also perfect but would be a reach based on my understanding of your GPA calculation (I've been known to be wrong before!). NYU is perfect for you except the lack of a traditional campus.</p>

<p>Some others to consider:<br>
U of Georgia = hits all criteria except not in a major city. Small college town that is very cool. Great campus.
U of Miami = a match for your stats, good program for you, might not be the city you're looking for.
Loyola Marymount U = probably a safety for your stats, they have a really nice campus in a great part of Los Angeles, you could major in photo with a pre-Journalism double major.
Here's the pre-journalism part: [url=<a href=""&gt;]Pre-Journalism[/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/p>

<p>I'm sure there's more but that's a start. Does any of this work for you?</p>


<p>PS. In your portfolio I'd like to see tighter shots of people in their environments. I like that you're shooting people but bring me in closer. Use a picture to tell me their story.</p>