international student orientation/music orientation

<p>The 8/27~8/31 orientation is mandatory for international students...however, it says on the music school's website that every music student has to attend an orientation (none of the dates coincide with that of the int'l orientation). Does that mean I have to attend two orientations (the one that starts from 8/27 and the one that starts from 9/1? (that would be crazy busy...) Does anyone know how many days the music orientation is going to last?
Can anyone tell me the schedule/general activities you do at orientation?</p>

<p>I was in the same situation last year. Had to go to the international orientation (which was late Aug), but there was also a "theatre orientation" late June where all the other kids in my major attended. I went to just the international one and it was fine.</p>

<p>thanks be_somebody! could you tell me what the schedule's like in the 5 days' international orientation? is the english language test mandatory? school starts at 9/7, what do you do between the day orientation ends (8/31) and 9/7?</p>

<p>Orientation was three days if I remember correctly. First day, you have to check in so you can get your health insurance and other stuff. There are also some workshops where you sit and listen to information lectures. The second day is placement tests. To be honest, I skipped orientation after the first day, because I don't need to take chemistry or maths for my major.</p>

<p>If you're referring to the English placement essay, then yes. It is "required", although I was able to register for an English class before I wrote it.</p>

<p>After orientation ends, it's Welcome Week until the beginning of class. I had a lot of fun partying, meeting new friends, and settling into college life. Don't worry, you'll find something to do. Michigan has a lot of events planned for Welcome Week.</p>

<p>Thankyou for your response! </p>

<p>As for AEE, I was refering to the Academic English Evaluation test designed for the international students. According to the website, </p>

<p>English</a> Language Institute (University of Michigan)</p>

<p>international students who show any english deficiencies have to be placed in ESL. I was wondering if you have taken it during the int'l orientation. Is it mandatory for all the international students?</p>

<p>Would you have to take any placement test/complete anything for the theatre orientation that's not included in the international orientation? I heard that the theory placement test is mandatory for music students, and all the private lessons studios are assigned during the music orientation...I guess that might be a bit different from theatre.</p>

<p>As for the chemistry or math placement tests, performing arts majors don't have to take them even if they may want to take some of the courses later throughout the fours years of college...right? (and...isn't math required for all students?)</p>

<p>You only have to take the AEE if UM has notified you saying you have to take it. I wasn't told I had to, so I don't know much about it. But I did not take any English evaluation tests, except the English placement essay which is required for everyone (except engineers).</p>

<p>I didn't have to take any placement tests for theatre. I'm sure it's different for music. I suggest you contact Deedee Ulintz who is the registrar for the School of Music. I got an email earlier saying there will be a theory placement test on September 1st.</p>

<p>Placement tests are not required. If you do want to take the subjects later, it might be to your benefit to take them as you'll be placed in the appropriate course. Maths is not required for theatre students, since we can use social science credits instead to fulfill the requirement.</p>