International Student Orientation

<p>I’m going to the very last orientation from August 26th to 29th. From what I’ve heard/read, there’s been a lot of competition for classes, even in the first couple of orientations.</p>

<p>So, am I totally screwed out of classes as an International Relations major? Also, do the language classes fill up quickly? I’m thinking of taking Japanese. Or is there a way I could register for classes beforehand?</p>

<p>you're probably relatively screwed. but just keep an eye on the studentlink after registering on the classes u wanted but couldn't get; seats open up all the time.</p>

<p>you'll get classes. if nothing else, you can probably be signed into a japanese class the first week; students are bound to drop out. the year I worked for Orientation, the intro to IR lecture filled up, but we just had all the IR students left take Econ 101. It's another required class for IR, so you won't be behind at all.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it.</p>