International Student - questions


I’m an international student (senior year) and I’m interested in studying at Pace University. I have a few questions:

1- I went on their website and calculated how much they would give me of scholarship. Do you guys know if the calculator is accurate? I haven’t submitted my application yet and I can only afford Pace with scholarships.

2- On-campus housing is really expensive (no surprise) do you think it’s possible to find cheaper housing options off campus?

3- I saw they employ students to work on campus but I couldn’t figure it out if it’s only available for American students or international students as well?

If you could help me out, I would appreciate it.


Off campus housing is expensive… it’s NyC … do they require freshman to live in campus?

You need to check for on campus work as it should be limited to how many hours you can work… plus I’ve seen internationals work on campus at a Few universities

As for scholarship I think it’s late if you haven’t applied yet! Why not give them a call?

Thank you for your reply!

I will probably do that tomorrow. I’m applying to other universities and Pace’s fee application is higher lol so I just wanted to save some money.

From what I understood once I apply I’m automatically considered for scholarships?

Anyway, I will contact them soon. (Pace wasn’t even an option but I’m considering it after I saw how much money they would give me in scholarships)

Look at St. Louis U I remember they gave a friend a full ride

Get all Your applications in it just seems like universities are getting huge jumps in their application pool…

Thank you!

I don’t think Pace gives a lot of scholarships to Internationals. I could be wrong, but the amount of scholarship, at the best, MAYBE will cover the cost of tuition. Living cost is very high in NY, you can live in NJ, Brooklyn or Queens, cost is lower and the commute is time consuming. VERY few students live in Manhattan, other than the dorm