International student SAT Scores

<p>I'm a British student who is not following the American system: I'm currently sitting my A-Levels, and I am not familiar with the US education system at all.</p>

<p>I sat my SAT on the 28th of January, and my results are:
M: 680
CR: 720
W: 730 </p>

<p>Keeping in mind that I actually took the test a year early, and that I'm not very familiar with the test, how bad/good are my scores? </p>

<p>Here in the UK, I'm a candidate for Oxbridge, but I'd really like to apply to America, but my parents have said that I can only go to America if I go to one of the top colleges/universities. But, honestly, based on my scores, I don't think I stand that much of a chance... </p>


<p>Hey, I'm a British student too, anyway, your scores are good but for the top Ivy League colleges, i.e. HYP, they're slightly below average, assuming the average is around 2200.</p>

<p>What were your SAT Subject Tests like?</p>

<p>American colleges take into account much more than just test scores/grades though, so a 2130 won't kill your application by any means.</p>

<p>Moonpie1 what was your score? Have you applied to top universities of US? If so, what was your score?
Anyway, UK possess a bunch of good universities, so one does not need to worry to get into those of US.</p>

<p>1940 /: bombed the math part</p>

<p>2350 - superscore</p>

<p>I'm applying to HYPD, seeing as they're the only ones that would offer a substantial enough financial aid package for me to attend.</p>