international student studying med in US

<p>im an international student currently studying at an university in the states. yes, im a premed. i went to an international school back in japan. I have a japanese citizenship.
I heard that it's hard to get accepted into medschool here in the states if you are an international student. i'm not considering studying med back in japan either because their premed courses and med courses are combined. (same thing applies for EU system right? im not really sure) and since ive been taught in english all my life- i can speak the language but learning med with it would be hard. </p>

<p>i want to know if there are other international students going through the same problem as i am right now. and how to overcome this problem :S
im a sophomore- going to be a junior after this summer. </p>

<p>I heard there are other options besides going to medschool in the US.
I'm not a genius either so i'm afraid that that will limit my chances in getting into medschools too :(</p>

<p>ill appreciate it if you guys have any comments or information that can help me out.

<p>Hello, You said that you are attending university, I want to ask you about tuitions , because medicine is very expensive. How much are you paying? What should we need if we want to study med.?</p>