International student wanting to study in America

Hi i’m a year 11 student from Australia wanting to go to college in the states after I graduate, pursuing a degree in marine science.
Even though I live here, I am actually a U.S citizen, because my parents are American, however obviously don’t have residency there.
I have a GPA of about 3.8 but haven’t done any SAT’s or ACT’s yet as it’s not common in Australia (I will have to do them soon). I have A LOT of extra curricular’s and achievements, especially in the field of marine science, including a current internship at an environmental agency.
Realistically, I will only be able to study in the states if I receive some sort of scholarship. Now, am I only eligible for an international student scholarship? Or will I also be considered for scholarships as a U.S citizen, even though I’ve done all my education overseas? Also what are the chances of me receiving either of these?