international student with verbal score of 610...

<p>I have 1390 SAT score.....780 math and 610 verbal.....
i will apply as international and will my low verbal score or SAT score hurt my chances at Ivies or top schools????
I have good recs, essays, 4.0 GPA.........ok ECs.........
did anyone see any international student getting into ivies with SAT score in 1300s????</p>

<p>your stats are awesome. period.</p>

<p>really?? just to add....I also have 790 math 2C and 740 chemistry....I will take writing in november.....</p>

<p>you're in the same boat as me (more or less: i got 750v and 620m). i'm also an international student (Canadian). the SAT score is only one part of the whole application. it hurts your chances just as it hurts mine, but it my no means makes it impossible to be accepted. the "25th percentile" at Harvard is 1400, so yes, we're low by that standard - but it's nearly the average in some ivies like Cornell. we both did well on one part of the SAT, and did well on at least two SAT IIs (i haven't taken any yet, but i'll get high mid-700s on writing and literature at the least). now since the scores are low, that means everything else has to be a little better to compensate.</p>

<p>ps. i've seen a few international kids whose scores were "subpar". i've heard ivy reps talking about how non-americans aren't as used to the american "test-taking culture". it does seem like some international student's scores are lower, and i think they consider that.</p>


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