International student

I Have got an acceptance from Florida Institute of Technology for Aerospace Engineering with a 50% merit-scholarship (on tuition fee). This University does not provide any need based-scholarship to the international students. Therefore, I wanted to get some information regarding On-campus job that would somehow help me paying my living and other expenses. If you know any current/graduated student of this university, please guide me.

And I also want to know more about Merit scholarship given to international students. I mean If I get a good GPA in my first or second semester, Will they give me more scholarship?

Finally, what are the internship and job opportunities are available there for International students in Aerospace engineering?

please reply as soon as possible.

Congrats! Im honestly so happy for you because I soo want to get into florida tech, but Im really scared to apply. Im an international student, and if its not a trouble for you, may I please know your stats? like SAT/ACT scores and A level and IGCSEs( if that applies to you) and any extra-curriculars? I got a 29 ACT, Im not sure if I should apply wiht that now or rewrite in april and apply in may. It’s be really helpful if I knew the normal
international acceptance stats.

This is a reliable source to check the stats. But you should visit their official website as well.

I guess your ACT score is very good. You should definitely apply ASAP. My SAT score was fine. I got straight B’s in my A levels and I did not give IGCSE’s. I did Matriculation instead. (my national examination system) I had some some community service.
Which country are you from?

On-campus jobs are limited since you have a student visa and are not allowed to work, on campus, for more than 20 hours a week. (Federal work-study students have priority for the on-campus jobs). You are not allowed to work off-campus, until your OPT year, because your student visa doesn’t allow it. Additionally, you are supposed to have funds to support your own living expenses while in the US and cannot expect to work for those funds.

No, your merit scholarship will not increase every year. Each school has a budget and designates all monies; there are never left-over monies and the colleges do run out of funds.

Aerospace engineering jobs in the US are limited to US citizens because funding, for many of the private sector contracts, comes from the federal government, so, candidates are required to be eligible for US security clearances.

So, as an international student, you are a guest and are expected to return to your country after graduation. Maybe @B@r!um and @mom2collegekids have more information.

@“aunt bea” Thank you

I’m from Sri Lanka, thank you! ohmygod you just made my. I thought 29 was really low

Umm I have one more question, did you have to submit your transcript orr just A-levels along with matriculation?

Both transcripts must be uploaded.

An ACT of 29 is very good.

dont worry, i got in in with a 1400 on the sat and a 22 in act. but i had a high gpa of 3.8.