International students admission- please help

Hi there,
I’m an international student and I really want to study in the US. I’m currently doing IB and expecting to graduate in 2022.
So I’m really confused and concerned about studying veterinary medicine in the US. So I’d be grateful if you could help me:

  • can international students get into veterinary school in the US? I heard that it’s barely possible for med school international applicants
  • does the undergraduate school matter for vet schools?
  • after graduation, can international students apply for residency? What does the process like? Is it even possible for international students?
    I also consider going to vet school abroad
  • can I apply for residency in the US, provided that I graduated from avma accredited school?
  • what about candidates graduating from avma not accredited schools? What additional requirements do they have to fulfill?
    I’d be very very VERY grateful for your help

If you go through an AVMA accredited school, you shouldn’t have to worry about being considered an international vet. Just make sure that you don’t have any issues with your via.
If you go through an international vet school and then come to the US to practice, there are definitely more hurdles. In my career, I have come across a handful of these doctors where they are working as technicians to give them more clinical experience until they could sit for their exam in the US. It definitely can be done but my understanding is that there are more hurdles to overcome.
In regards to residency programs, know that you do not need a residency in order to practice vet medicine (very different from human medicine). Only 10% of the vet population are specialists. If you want to pursue a residency, you shouldn’t be any different from any other applicant if you graduated from an AVMA accredited school. It will definitely be harder to get a residency if you graduated from an international vet school since most people are not familiar with their curriculums and there can be visa issues.

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