International Students Applying to Earlham

Hey guys. So, how many of you have applied to Earlham? Anybody, who has been accepted?

Got my answer yesterday. Got a conditional offer. They offered me a merit scholarship of $16k and need based aid of $14k. They told me to review my family’s contribution and if I can pay the $25k, then I would be given admission.
I don’t think I will be able to afford that though.

Accepted yesterday, but declining as part of my ED agreement for NYU.

Conditional acceptance. Gap of 15k. Did any of you see the total cost was 57k? On their website they said the expected cost was 51k last year…

@studyalert‌ The price increases every year right? 51k was for last year.

But from 51k to 57k is an 11% jump. Maybe the estimate online didn’t include misc fees but it’s still a huge increase per year.