international students class of '09

<p>hey everyone.
i am an international student from karachi, pakistan and a member of the class f 2008.
i love georgetown!! its awesome
any internationals applying? i would seriously recommend applying.
gtown is need blind in its admissions, so asking for aid will not affect your application decision.
thought sadly they do not give need blind financial aid.
however, they do award 5 merit and need based full tuition scholarships, amounting to 30,000 $. so try for one!
hit me up if you have any questions!

I got into Georgetown last year, but have deferred my enrollment. I also applied for aid but didn't get any. Now I need to figure out how to pay for my education! Any ideas? Scholarships? Loans?</p>


<p>hey, i did not know you were an international student
where are you from?
well,i think a loan is your only bet, can you reapply for a scholarship next year when you enroll?</p>

<p>I'm from Canada (not very international :) ). But I am going to try two different loan companies and I'll send Gtown a letter about reapplying for the scholarship.</p>