International students life at Washington and Lee

Hi all!
I am considering the college as a potential one for me. I will major in business adminstration. I would like to know how was your experience there? how was your social life if you did not join a sorrority and did not drink alcohol? was the financial aid generous?
I am somehow confused about how would be my social life there, but I admire a lot the business school.
Thanks in advance dears!

W&L may not be the wisest choice for one who shuns sororities & alcohol.

If you do not like these social aspects that dominate at W&L, what attracts you to the rural Virginia LAC ?

There are plenty of business schools to choose among in the US.

I hope some current parents will comment with up to date information for you.

My D will be attending W&L in the fall so I can’t share personal experience yet. I will say many parents in the FB parents group indicate their student does not drink. W&L has substance free housing if you want to live with like-minded students. It also sounds like kids who don’t join Greek life have no problem having an active social life. There are many clubs and activities available. My D’s roommate is not planning to join a sorority.

Again, this information is second hand but does come from our many communications with current students and parents. I encourage you to contact Admissions and request a Zoom meet with a current student. My D did this. Because W&L is in a rural area, social life revolves around the university (and neighboring school VMI) so it is important to determine if it will be a good fit. The best way to do that is to “meet” current students and ask these questions. My D met with multiple students via Zoom and then later in person (which may not be an option for you).

W&L has a reputation for being generous with financial aid. Hopefully someone else will answer that question. We did not receive need-based aid (and did not expect to), but my D did receive merit aid.

An article dated April 27, 2021 should be considered “up to date” information:

50 Best Colleges and Universities For Greek Life

Washington & Lee ranks #1 with 77% Greek membership (a figure which may or may not include ineligible freshman).

OP: Also consider reading: The Fiske Guide To Colleges for a non-biased view of social life at W&L. “While underage drinking is banned in the dorms, students insist that their peers “like to party and drink” .”

Also, https://www.■■■■■■■■■/colleges/washington-and-lee-university

Check out the student survey responses regarding drinking at W&L as well as the importance of fraternity & sorority life at W&L.

P.S. Wash & Lee is a great school with a beautiful campus in a gorgeous location, but it is small with just over 1,800 students & rural. Country club like atmosphere, but not diverse.

I never said Greek life was not a large part of campus life, did I? I said current parents of kids who don’t drink and/or join Greek life say their kids are happy and have an active social life. And I stand by my suggestion that talking to current students is the best way to get answers.

Nice change to your original opening sentence.

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I am a current student, not international though a lot of people in the same social circles as me are. The school is very focused on Greek life, which does not have a lot of racial diversity as a whole. Some of my friends who are international students have told me how hard it can be to make connections with non-international, white, Greek-affiliated students as there can be a cultural barrier, though many of them find their friendships with other international students and/or students with a similar cultural background. The financial aid can be generous which is why many international students are here though not always perfect. Also there aren’t a lot of resources already available for international students, so you might have to get used to asking for them, though CIE, the Center for International Education, has really nice people who are willing to help you out with that. Happy to talk more over PM if you like

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DS is a freshman on a substance free floor. He doesn’t drink but he is still going to join a fraternity. His roommate is a math major and he is a math minor. They are already planning to be on the W&L team that competes in the Putnam competition. They both went on Appalachian Adventure in separate groups. They went to WalMart together to buy a waste basket. My DS country club experience growing up has not turned him into a close minded snob - quite the opposite. W&L continues to impress me.


Additionally and most importantly, his roommate is from China!

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This article may be of interest to international students, especially Latin students. My D attended the Baile and had a blast.

Also of note, this publication is by students but independent of the university so is a good resource overall for getting a sense of the campus culture and student body beyond “marketing”.

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