International students scholarship

I’m an international student trying to figure out ways to pay my UCLA or ucb tuition.
First, tuition + rooms and meals (which are 90% of my total tuition and will not change for sure) costs $59660. My dad’s company gives out 10k, and my parents said that they can afford the max of 30k.
That leaves me with 20k, and I am trying to find scholarships for that. If anyone hear has experienced with getting scholarships as international students or had daughters or sons go through this process, please please please help me out here.
Thank you so much

You need someone to give you 20k x 4 years or 80k in scholarships. Not going to find that privately. Your best bet would have been to receive merit from the colleges themselves which did not offer you any by the sounds of it.

CA public universities don’t give aid to OOS students in most cases. The two colleges you listed give no aid to international students according to their websites.

Here is UCB’s info:

“ International students are not eligible for federal financial aid or institutional aid managed by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office at UC Berkeley. Undergraduates who qualify for an AB 540 (link is external)(link is external) waiver should visit the Berkeley Undergraduate Dream Act Aid page.”

And this from UCLA:

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UCLA does not award scholarships or financial aid to undergraduate students who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States. International students must prove that they have sufficient funds available to them to pay for their educational and living expenses.”

Are they any scholarships in your home country for students wishing to attend college in the US.

International students at UCB and UCLA really should expect to be full pay students.

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I think your other thread answered your question.

The UC’s are unaffordable for you. Where would you get that kind of money?

You are now looking at the associated costs which should have been checked before you applied.

You also didn’t factor in that you need to fly out to California, which does cost money.
You also haven’t included health insurance fees required by those universities.
You also haven’t factored in the costs of “living” in California in two of the most expensive cities in California. Dorm supplies and toiletries aren’t free. Food, activities, and local transportation costs add up (especially in LA).
The UC’s admit non-residents because those OOS fees bring in cash to the State. There are many students on waitlists whose parents will pay those outrageous fees.

“International students are generally ineligible for student loans and are eligible for very few scholarships.
There are very limited opportunities for employment, either on or off campus, except as a teaching or research assistant. Students who hope to secure employment or financial assistance after enrolling at UC may be unable to complete their studies. U.S. government restrictions make summer and part-time off-campus work extremely difficult to secure.”

Did you get into any college where net costs are 40K?
The scholarships you’re looking for don’t exist.
If you didn’t get into any affordable college, you can wait for the first week in May, when a list of colleges that miscalculated yield is published (“NACAC list”.) Colleges miscalculate yield because of unexpected elements in their software, such as effects of a pandemic, or because fewer students are interested in their offerings due to the area, or they may not have miscalculated but are so large they don’t care and can add more…
40K is a good amount, you should be able to find possibilities.

I think that you are missing some costs. Unless you are comfortable spending at least $65,000 per year with this amount increasing by 5% per year, I think that you could run into trouble. You will for example need books, and flights. You will probably need a laptop and want a cell phone. There will be other expenses.

You do not want to get part way through your education and then discover that you cannot afford to finish. This really does happen sometimes.

Also, you will not get a visa to study in the US unless you can show that you can afford to study in the US.

There are universities that you could most likely attend for $40,000 per year. None of the Universities of California are likely to fit this budget.

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For UC-Berkeley,

Check out this site for some of their currently available scholarships. You’ll have to do some research to find the scholarships available on there for international students but there will probably be at least one or two you can get some information on.

If you find one, make sure to contact the university to make sure that you’re eligible for it. It’s very difficult to find scholarships for first-year international students but if you’re willing to put in the effort and go the extra mile, you might locate a few. Good luck!

I did the search suggested above and filtered for freshman, international student.

The deadlines for most have passed. The remaining ones are mostly specific to a certain group, or are not sufficient in amount.

There are a few this poster should look at…but I can’t imagine these outside scholarships will net enough for attendance. Plus, he needs to carefully check whether these are for one year only…or are renewable.[]=Freshman&field_type_value[]=Undergraduate+Study&field_citizenship_status_value[]=Other+Visa+Status