International Studies/Relations "bad majors"

<p>I keep hearing people refer to these majors as $h!t degrees (along with any other humanities/liberal arts/social science degrees) and worthless in the real world, and then the person turns around and says that going to school for engineering or in a med program is much better and more respected. Either that or they will say that taking Economics or something very hard in math/science are "good degrees".</p>

<p>Why is that? They're lots of respected career and people in those feilds that arent bad as some might say. I also want to ask people who have been in either International Studies/International Relations or are currently in it, how do they enjoyed/enjoying it? I am looking into majoring in it once I graduation from my CC i'm at and transfer.</p>

<p>IA/IR undergrad degrees can be "fluff" degrees since they are interdiciplinary by nature. However, it really depends on "where" you're taking them! If you are going to Georgetown, GW, Tufts, John's Hopkins etc., I dare to think their IA/IR prgrams are "fluff".</p>

<p>You should be aware that to get a "decent job" in the IA/IR field you'll likely need a masters degree. There are some Non-profits/NGO's that will hire undergrads. Of course you can take the FSO exam at the State Dept without a masters.</p>

<p>Brooking's, Booz-Allen-Hamilton, Wilson Center really want you to have an advanced degree so you're actually an "expert" in a region or field.</p>

<p>My "S" is in the Elliott School of IA's at GW and loves it! He's working prety hard and has a difficult curriculum - it's by no means "fluff". He has already had 2 internships. He has a minor in Spanish and a concentration in Security and Conflict Resolution.</p>

<p>He's planning Peace Corps then using the Coverdell Fellows program to go to Grad School afterwards.</p>

<p>Just an example.</p>


<p>Im actually looking into those majors, I had no idea that people said those things about them. Keep me posted on what you find and I'll do the same.</p>

<p>Also looking into East Asian Studies, intercultural communication, and am debating theater or film major.</p>

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<p>Found this post...I'll keep posting whatever I find :)</p>

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