International transfer student, can't figure out where to apply for Computer Science

sem1 GPA: 3.1
sem 2 GPA: N/A (5 out of 6 papers remain, was unwell)
sem 3: GPA 2.5
sem4: in progress

TOEFL: 105

With so many deadlines gone I don’t know what to do. Where can I apply?

If my post is unclear please ask and I will provide more details ASAP.

Are you currently in the US? If so, are you at a community college or a 4-year institution?

Why do you want to transfer?

Could you concentrate on this semester and finish strongly, then take a gap year or semester and apply for January or fall of 2019?

So here is the thing…

I already took a gap year between HS and college.

I am not in the US, I’m from India. My college is a 2 year college. You can read about it here:

I am finish this semester strongly yes, but how do I tell the universities that please my application on hold till middle of May when I clear all the papers instead of throwing rejections at me?

Thank you for your swift response.

Normally when you apply for transfer you send your current transcript and information about the coursework you are currently enrolled in. You are admitted or rejected based on that information. Even if you are admitted, that is provisional and you can lose your admission of your final transcript has bad grades at the end of the year. For most international students in your situation who don’t even know where they want to apply, it makes good sense to take a semester off to do that research.

However, your program has formal partnerships with several US universities. That means that the transfer coordinator at your campus can advise you on the steps to follow. Go meet with that person and get help with the process. They are the experts in this situation.