International Transfer to cornell

<p>Hi, I'd like to know if I joined Cairo university in Egypt and I wanna transfer to cornell:
-what do I need to submit?
-If my GPAs at university are good, is it better to transfer after the second year or the first year?
-What are the possibilities of international student joining cornell as transfers?
-If say I'm the only egyptian applying to cornell, will they accept me? Do they have a minimum of applicants admitted from each country?
-What about the financial aid? Like say if my parents earn less than $60,000 per year, will my tuition be covered %100?
-If I'm joined to a credit hour system at Cairo University, will they accept transferring credits?
-If I got the greencard and became a US citizen within my university years in Egypt, will this increase my chances of being admitted?</p>

<p>If you have more info to add please feel free.</p>


<p>Financial Aid for Intl students is very very limited. They meet 100% of need for Domestic students. Cornell is need-blind in ADMISSIONS but that does not mean they meet full need for international students.</p>

<p>Once again, contact the university directly with these types of questions. They know the answers to your specific questions.</p>

<p>Swimmer 726
well, they just tell me read the info on the website that's why I'm asking info from real people
Please I need you help guys</p>

<p>I answered your question.</p>

<p>In most universities, most of the financial aid goes to domestic freshman. Then, brilliant international freshman gets financial aid, some getting full tuition. When it comes to transfer, financial aid is usually catastrophic. Since it is already not great for domestic student, you may be happy if you get something. Many universities actually don't even offer financial aid for international transfer.</p>

<p>If you apply for financial aid as an international, it will lower your chances significantly.</p>

<p>ok, I wanted to apply as a freshman and I missed it, is there anyway to get my application done?</p>