International Village

<p>I was placed in International Village for the Spring semester, what's it like? Is it that far from campus? Is it a safe neighborhood? Do you walk through Ruggles to get to class, or go a different way?</p>

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<p>Yes you walk through Ruggles.</p>

<p>I'm in IV now (freshmen honors). I like it... feel a bit spoiled with the private bathrooms and dining hall downstairs, but I'm not complaining :)</p>

<p>It is a tad bit isolated from campus, and yes we walk through Ruggles all day, every day. I heard a rumor that someone nicknamed it "Snuggles," but I don't think that has caught on. You can also go around Ruggles, but I only do that in the day time. You also pick up your packages on Columbus Ave, and some people are a bit sketched out by that area. But I have definitely always felt safe here! Let me know if you have any more questions!</p>

<p>"Snuggles" hmm never heard anyone call it that
I am a sophomore transfer (on the east side creative expressions) It pretty awesome. I live in a single(pretty decent size). You also forgot to mention the gym on the second floor which has tv's on the stair master. The dining hall is better than my other school definitely a lot of diverse food options.
Traveling to and from classes is not that depending on which building your classes but its about a 3-15 min walk. I always walk through Ruggles unless i need to walk to west village. Though ruggles has big puddles when it rains i suggest going through the parking lot on Columbus Ave or around ruggles. Definitely recommend you do not stray away to far at night around the Roxbury area because it can be sketchy but I always see NUPd or Boston police around on bikes or cars so its pretty safe.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the info. I was placed in a "semi-private single", so I'm assuming that means I share a bathroom with just one other person? Does anyone have any suggestions about what to bring? I was also wondering, I know you can get into your neighbor's room through the bathroom, but is there a way to lock your own door to the bathroom so nobody can get in from the other side? I'm just wondering so I know whether I need a small safe or not. Thanks.</p>

<p>Yes you only share a bathroom with one person. I suggest you carry all cleaning products along with toilet paper. Make sure you carry an ethernet cable for your computer so you will have access to the internet in your room. They do not supply any of it because you will be cleaning your own bathroom. There is no way to lock the door so someone like your roommate cant get in. that is probably the one thing i don't like but its good for when you get locked out of your own room</p>

<p>Yeah I dont understand why it wasnt made to be locked, but either way, it sounds like the dorms are really nice. Are you able to hang posters and stuff on the wall, and if you are, what can you hang them with?</p>

<p>^My roommate and I used tacks... we'll figure out how to remedy the situation in April :)</p>

<p>We had a room check where all our RA did was come in and compliment my roommate's photos and sign the sheet. Although last night, we were writing something on our door just as RAs were walking by, so they saw our Christmas lights and just told us to take them down during break.</p>

<p>Hahaha, I stapled fabric to my walls and put christmas lights all over, and my RA just laughed.</p>

<p>@transfernkid I believe the doors have electronic locks so when you're in, no one can get in, from both sides.
I could be wrong, but I remember locks being mentioned when I toured International Village.</p>

<p>If you are in a double connected with another double, what is the layout of the shared bathroom? Is there only one shower, one sink, one toilet for four people?</p>

<p>I was also wondering about the lock situation...seems unsafe that the room on the other side of your bathroom has access to your room at all times. I would be concerned about visitors of the roommates in the other room being able to get into your room.</p>

<p>@fittedhats say you open you bathroom door, your roommate will not be able to get in because only one side of the door can be open. The electronic locks are in the bathroom so no one can get in or out unless you press the button to re-open. The reason i know this because my bathroommate would open my door to wake me up for class lol</p>

<p>@Riley13 i have no idea about the double layout since i am in a single but i pretty sure its just one shower,toilet,etc It depends on your roommates. I suggest if you are going to away from your room for a long period of time hide your personal items and don't carry too much money on you. Always carry your card. I have had no trouble with visitors since i don't have nosy roommates</p>

<p>@transfernkid oh, ha!</p>

<p>I got into the honors program, is it worth it to do, just to live in International Village?</p>

<p>@fittedhats yea she can hear my alarm go off(walls are a little thin) so i end up waking her up lol gets ****ed if when i put it on snooze haha</p>

<p>whoops I meant to say angry</p>

<p>@MPD14 congrats for getting in. What do you mean by is it worth it? classes? cost? I like it IV because its new and it great not having to share a bathroom with so much people. I think only freshman honors is in IV and the upperclassmen are in West village (which is also very nice)</p>

<p>is it safe?</p>

<p>look at post 10</p>

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<p>@ Ny0rker I have lived at IV for the past 4 months and I can tell you its safe for those who are cautious. I would say this for any dorm in or around boston. yes the roxbury area can be really sketchy late at night. I dont think you are going to be walking around 3 -4 in the morning and assume that no one might trouble you. Northeastern has a really good police department. If you feel scared you can call them and they will pick you up and escort you back to your dorm. This dorm especially is the Director's baby, so likes to make sure the students are safe.</p>

<p>I live in IV and have had absolutely no issues thus far (knock on wood, I suppose).</p>

<p>blinkangel - are you also in a single? D was accepted into Honors for next year, but does not want to have a single as a Freshman. Are most of the rooms in this dorm singles or doubles (for Freshmen)?</p>