International Village

<p>So i got assigned to this</p>

<p>Building: International Village East
Room Type: Semi Private Single - INV </p>

<p>I was just wondering what the hell is semi private lol...if any one could help me out with that, would be awesome...</p>

<p>Also any other info con/pro would be appreciates..</p>

<p>your in honors right? cuz im in honors and i didnt get put in IV; i got put in kennedy. they must have messed up. nothing ever goes smooth for me</p>

<p>Semi private means you're connected to another room via a bathroom. I got a semi private single in IV west but I asked for a double...</p>

<p>@Birdman33 nope not in honors am a International Student..Man u never know maybe kennedy might be really wait till u actually move in...</p>

<p>Are there many freshmen here by any chance.and most importantly do we miss out if were placed here</p>

<p>isnt IV the honors dorm for freshman?</p>

<p>Yes it is.</p>

<p>well hopefully i can get this straightened out then</p>

<p>@normalperson, the same thing happened to me! even though i requested a double they still gave me a single =/ dont know if i should call them or not.</p>

<p>I got IV North...semi private double
good...bad...? Who knows haha</p>

<p>i called them and they said to email <a href=""></a> with my request.</p>

<p>they told me the same thing... too bad i already did that before</p>

<p>What's the difference between a semi-private single and a semi-private double?</p>

<p>And I have a scholarship that awards "room (up to double occupancy)" and was given a semi-private single. If I connect with another person via bathroom, does my scholarship still apply? Probably not, right?</p>

<p>I doubt it because you're in a single...</p>

<p>It's "up to double occupancy", so I guess that means single and double rooms. It would be pointless to give you a scholarship for a particular kind of rooms and assign you to something completely different.</p>

<p>Just out of curiosity, is anyone else who's been assigned a semi-private single in International Village seeing a roomate on their housing page? Mine says I have one roomate, is that just the person I share a bathroom with/am connected to?</p>

<p>Yeah, they should have a different room number from yours.</p>

<p>I am assigned to one and no, it says I do not have a roommate.</p>

<p>I called the housing department, they say it's the person I share a bathroom with, although then I wouldn't understand why you don't have one...</p>

<p>@kvasek are you in a normal single or a semi-private one in IV?</p>

<p>He may be in one of the handicapped rooms, I know those have been given to non-handicapped students fairly often in the past, and they have private bathrooms, so he wouldn't be connected to anyone.</p>