Internationally minded students?

<p>I know that Beloit offers scholarships to freshman who have been exchange students with AFS, YFU or Rotary. Do these students choose Beloit? Are there many international students and/or students with international experience. My 2012 daughter just got back from exchange and she will only be happy someplace that isn't too parochial.</p>

<p>My D is a student at Beloit, I do not know about the AFS, etc. students choosing Beloit or not - if no one answers on this board, I would recommend you call and ask - Beloit does have a strong international presence on campus.They have ties to China going back into the late 1800s. I believe something like 80% of the students are from OOS as well. She has international friends and friends from around the country. It is definitely not parochial.</p>

<p>I know three students that received the scholarships, two did Rotary and I'm not sure what the other student did, but they seem very happy at Beloit. While Beloit doesn't offer a ton of languages, it offers a lot of depth in the languages it has (Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, the occasional Hungarian and Italian, Greek, Latin and Egyptian Hieroglyphs). Also the international studies major program has a lot of depth especially in Asia, Europe and Middle East and the curriculum and institutional philosophy emphasizes international education whenever possible.</p>

<p>My son will be a freshman at Beloit in the fall. He studied abroad in Germany through CBYX and is receiving the study abroad scholarship. He intends to study abroad while at Beloit. Beloit is a member of ISEP (Int'l Student Exchange Program) which offers a variety of study abroad options, and they recognize Int'l Education Week by devoting an entire day during that week to student presentations of their experiences abroad or as int'l students in the US. Since my son hasn't been at Beloit yet, I can't give you specific information about the rest of the study body, but my son believes that the school has a genuine int'l perspective.</p>

<p>My Ds roommate was a Rotary exchanger. My other D, who was a Rotary exchanger herself, got the scholarship but ended up elsewhere. Beloit has a very far ranging group of kids. The exchange programs are quite interesting and diverse, there are sufficient 4 year students from other countries to leaven the mix, and the kids who go to Beloit can be quite interesting. It is a bit farther afield than many might go, but my D is returning from a Beloit related program in Mongolia next week.</p>