Internationals......DHL E-Mail?

<p>Ahhhhhh.....when was the last time an international student has gotten in on here? I feel like international packages are really only sent out in the major waves...the two kids from my school got the DHL e-mails and such in the last major wave in Feb....anyway, I could be wrong. Any internationals hear anything recently?</p>

<p>Nothing. :(</p>

<p>Nope...although there were a few stray incidences where people have got one
But the last time a bunch of internationals got in was on the 2/29 wave. So yea they tend to send out the acceptances in major waves.</p>

<p>Ahh iv been gettin up early every morning for the damn email.
Any one else get one recently?</p>

<p>are you sure all internationals will get a DHL email? plus bf got an email saying he would receive sth by courier and he thought he got in and turned out that he was was one piece of paper inside a DHL even if we're rejected...wouldn't we still get the DHL email whether or not we were accepted? supposing that they send everything out by DHL</p>

<p>Yea im wondering the same thing...
All i want to see is that DHL email.</p>

<p>And i pretty sure all internationals get that email cuz i noticed a few people from Canada getting the email. If they sent out Canadian acceptances through DHL, they would send out all international acceptacnes through DHL.</p>

<p>all i want to see is the big envelope...not the DHL email. kinda ruins the surprise for us though don't you think>?</p>

<p>oh gosh. I'm from Canada and i've haven't got that email. but my status was updated to 'we are reviewing' on the march 12, fairly late..</p>

<p>i hope i'm not rejected.</p>

<p>i got my acceptance package a few weeks ago but i never got a DHL email...</p>