Internet Connection at Rochester

<p>So I recently got my laptop and I'm pretty confused about the whole "wireless networking" at URochester. I understand that to connect at home I'd have to have a wireless router and broadband Internet connection but will I need these items while I'm there?</p>

<p>The only thing you will need is your computer (assuming it has a wireless card installed). </p>

<p>If you don't have have a wireless card installed in your computer, then you can always use an ethernet connection. All dorms are wired for ethernet. (But you will need to buy an ethernet cable. They are available on campus at the UR Bookstore.)</p>

<p>Instructions here</p>

<p>UR:</a> Resnet</p>

<p>on how to connect to UR's internet access.</p>

<p>IT people will be available once you arrive on campus to help you get connected.</p>

<p>You only need your netID and password to log into the UR wireless system. There are not set up necessary or any equipment you need to buy for wire. Just like the person above me said, to connect throught the ethernet (which is a little bit faster) you will have to buy a cable.</p>

<p>All freshman dorms have wireless access. So does all academic buildings, the eastman quad, Wilson Commons (student union), Douglas Dining Center, and recently the Todd Union (post office, Chase bank, radio and music & theater people are located here).</p>