Internet Resources That Have Helped You Academically In College

<p>Any that have helped you guys?</p>

<p>an online dictionary and encyclopidia britanica</p>


<p>oh, you said helped...</p>

<p>CC's pretty helpful. :)</p>

<p>Serious responses, please. This could be of benefit to everyone.</p>

<p>Wikipedia, while you can't use it as an actual source you can use it to find sources in the reference section of the page.</p>

<p>/r/ section on 4chan.</p>

<p>Other sections have niche uses.</p>

<p>I've used YouTube quite a bit.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> This is a lot handier than flipping through a style book when you're writing a paper.</p>

<p>google, wikipedia. Helps all that stuff that sounds like nonsense make sense.</p>

<p>khan academy and paul's online notes for calculus, wikipedia, google, yahoo answers, physics forums.</p>

<p>Wolfram Alpha</p>

<p>youtube lessons on calculus/other subjects.</p>


<p>rhymezone, hyperphysics, cramster</p>

<p>J-stor, for essays/articles.</p>

<p>wolframalpha, khanacademy, google docs, and wikipedia.</p>

<li>Wikipedia isn't a credible source, but the external sources at the end of articles are very useful.</li>

<p>iTunes University/MIT OCW
Google Scholar

<p>Yahoo! Answers
Free Online Dictionary
Wolfram Alpha

<p>Dropbox is amazing!! It is a cloud USB and it really makes it easier to transfer files and not worrying over a lost or misplaced USB! </p>

<p>If u give me ur email address, I can send u a link that will give u extra/more storage space thAn the initial amnt</p>

<p>lol at "cloud USB" people say funny things</p>

<p>Wolfram Alpha rocks though</p>

<p>Haha sorry I didnt really know how to describe it... So I just combined the two</p>