Internet Service in the Dorms

<p>How does the internet work in the dorms? In one room does everyone need their own router if they want wireless internet? Or can just one person bring a router and everyone in the room uses that?</p>

<p>You need at least a 25ft, CAT5e, Ethernet cable.</p>

<p>You have to bring your own router if you want wireless internet. Everyone has their own bandwidth limit so if you want you can share your wireless with your roommate(s), they'll just be using your quota for the week. However, the bandwidth should be enough for a many people as long as no one downloads anything large. If you don't bring a router, you will have to connect to the port via ethernet cable.</p>

<p>For anyone that needs a cheap cat5 cable, go to</p>

<p>I got my 25 ft. CAT5e cable last year for <$2.00 shipped on eBay using Buy It Now. Check eBay.</p>

<p>Why would you go wireless? Ethernet speeds in the dorms are insanely fast. max at 10MB/s!
If your room's close to the lounge, you can get decent reception from the rescomp wireless.</p>

<p>Wireless is good when you have people over or more than one device to hook up to the internet. The Rescomp wireless usually isn't that great, so get a router if you want wifi.</p>

<p>um, for newbie here, do we just plug in the cable to the phone jack? or do we have to buy one of those AT&T Ewire things ( like the one I have at home)</p>

<p>in the dorms, you plug the ethernet cable into the ethernet jack. it is similar to a phone jack but wider. nothing else needed, assuming your computer has an ethernet jack.</p>

<p>thanks rider!</p>

<p>If I will be in a triple, will a 8 ft ethernet cable suffice? 25 ft is a little ridiculous.</p>

<p>You need 25ft. My roommate's 14-15ft (forgot) cable didn't reach the other side of the room (she slept across the room from the outlet, which was under my bed). Having a long cable is also useful when you wanna move around your laptop.</p>

<p>Also: No way a 5ft would work, even if you sleep above the outlet. It's not gonna reach your desk.</p>

<p>Jut go buy yourself a router. I use an Apple Airport Express. Wireless N + Wireless printing + portability throughout the room. Can't beat that.</p>