Internet service

<p>I have found a condo I liked. However, I now have to shop around for internet service. I do not want to get the phone service, just internet.
Would it be cheaper for me to do the naked DSL from AT&T or get broadband from Tmobile or a wireless company?</p>

<p>Check out Clear - new service in Austin that is supposedly reasonably priced and has options for home wireless or city-wide access. </p>

<p>CLEAR</a> | High Speed Mobile 4G Wireless Internet Service with WiMAX</p>

<p>On campus you'll have access to free Wi-fi but if you go over your weekly bandwidth limit (500 mb last I checked) you'll need to pay for it (which I doubt you'll do unless you live there).</p>

<p>sundoll, if that is the case, do you know if I have to purchase their modem?</p>

<p>With Clear? I think you might be able to rent it but since I don't use them I'm not 100% sure.</p>

<p>Nothing is needed for the UT wireless as long as your computer has a wi-fi card built in or added on.</p>

<p>Clear sucks, ive had it the past few months. When it rains the connection goes out/ some times the box just cant find a signal. </p>

<p>I usually get 3 bars on most days/ im in dallas though.</p>

<p>I was told the modern is free if you use Clear for at least 6 months when I checked about 2 months ago. No sure if it has changed. Clear is running very aggressive campaign now. The basic home is $30/mo. BTW, congrats for finding a condo. Which one is it?</p>

<p>Again with the irrelevant posts pierre - if you're in Dallas, how can you possibly comment on what the service would be like in Austin?</p>

<p>xtra - are you planning on getting cable for your condo too? you might be better off getting a bundle with home internet and cable sans the phone line rather than doing them separately. I have U-Verse and I love it, Time Warner is also popular but they seem to have frequent negotiation issues with certain stations that I'd rather avoid. There are also the satellite companies and I believe at least one of them now offers internet with their TV services.</p>

<p>the point is when it rains service will go out, It doesnt matter where you are. </p>

<p>think of clear as a cellphone, sometimes you have a bad signal ;) </p>

<p>dont be so quick to discredit people, you'll go a long way.</p>

<p>Just because the service cuts out when it rains in Dallas doesn't mean it does it as frequently when it rains in Austin. Could it cut out when it rains, sure, but YOU don't personally know that for the Austin area. The point is don't comment on things you don't have first-hand knowledge of - this is obviously something that has escaped you seeing as how you continue to post here.</p>

<p>it rains everywhere</p>

<p>ask yourself has your satellite dish ever stopped working when it was raining?</p>

<p>I don't have a satellite dish, so no. Clear bills itself as 4G, which means it runs off cell towers not satellites - are you telling me your cell phone doesn't work when it rains?</p>

<p>My Sprint phone doesnt go out. </p>

<p>Sundoll you dont have clear, stick with u-verse its 100% better. Im switching back to it pretty soon. </p>

<p>OP get Clear and you will see exactly what im talking about.</p>

<p>Plnlin2, I found a condo at Nueces Place, located at 24th street and Nueces. there were built in 1980's ish.
pierrechn, I thought clear has rented their own cell towers???</p>

<p>no I am not planning to get cable. cable wastes my time and I don't watch TV that much.</p>

<p>After reading some of the reviews for clear, I think pierrechn has a point. search clear internet austin reviews on google and you will see why.</p>

<p>any other reviews for internet service? What do you guys use?</p>

<p>Time warner is my favorite, my mother has had it since like 06.</p>

<p>My family uses At&t, but it sucks. Try Comcast or RoadRunner?</p>

<p>You could always get wireless service through one of the cellular companies, but you might run into outtage issues similar to what you have found about Clear. I'm a loyal AT&T U-verse user as previously mentioned - had it since they first came to Austin and have never had any problems - but I have an all inclusive package with cable and phoneline and I'm not sure if you can get just the internet. I think a lot of the cable companies that provide internet typically bundle their services but might offer internet a la carte.</p>

<p>Check with the condo building, maybe they can recommend someone that the other unit owners have used?</p>

<p>OP, have you thought about checking with one of your neighbors to see if they would let you use their wireless connection if split the cost with them?</p>