Interning at biotech/pharma as a premed

I am a premed who is interning at a company that makes insulin pumps (I am a diabetic) and plan to intern at big pharma this summer.

I am doing this simply because I am interested in it, but do not know if it is worth doing if it affects the bigger picture of getting into med school, becoming a doctor, etc.

My role is in market access, which centers around working with insurances to make products more available for patients. I hope this looks slightly better, but wanted some input from everyone.

As an Economics major, I wanted to explore an intersection of both science and business, and learn more about how individuals can get the care they need.

I know about the whole stigma, so how do you think adcoms would look at this?

Thank you so much in advance!

What stigma are you talking about? That you interned for a business?

So long as you can adequately explain why you want to be doctor and have all the other necessary components for a strong med school application (GPA/sGPA, MCAT, ECs, LORs), no one is going care you spent one summer (or even several years) working in the biotech/pharma industries. Unless your name is Martin Skrelli.