Interning for a political party--bad idea?

<p>Hi, I go to college in Georgia and I've been applying for summer internships recently. I was thinking of applying to work with Georgia Democrats. But I might end up living in Georgia in the future and am concerned that having an internship with Georgia Democrats would be a negative rather than a plus, since many in Georgia are die-hard Republicans. Thoughts?</p>

<p>First of all, I think you'll be surprised at how little people care about another person's political orientation when hiring. I've seen some places where politics are pervasive and probably would impact a hiring decision, but those have been small businesses and are rare. And surprisingly you see people on both sides, even in Georgia (Atlanta is strongly Democratic, whereas rural Georgia is strongly Republican).</p>

<p>That said, it's a good idea to leave off the word "Democratic" when describing your experience on your resume. When I've seen other people do this, they'll simply list the name of the representative/senator/candidate and won't list the party. If you're going to work directly for the party, this will probably be more difficult to do, but it's something to think about.</p>

<p>Can't go wrong with the white supremacist party</p>

<p>you could just write "political party" or "state representative" or "congresswoman" or whatever, instead of the name in party. Then you can list the responsibilities that you had like normal.</p>

<p>If you want to eventually work in politics, then you should be cognizant that working for a party obviously implies you support that agenda. But if you aren't interested in politics as a career, then it is less of an issue.</p>