Internship as a Freshman?

<p>How often does this happen? I will be a freshmen in ILR pursuing a minor in business too. Thanks</p>

<p>You can't minor in business. AEM minors are only for CALS students.<br>
Cornell</a> University - Academics - Undergraduate Minor Fields of Study
If you click on the minor, there should be more information about who is eligible.</p>

<p>Not entirely true, malan. Engineering students are eligible to apply for a minor in business. The process is selective, however.</p>

<p>That aside, could someone answer the question of internships as a freshman, or on the summer after freshman year? I was considering doing something then.</p>

<p>Getting a research position for summer after freshmen year isn't terribly hard if you start looking for REU programs early.</p>

<p>I'm not sure about other types of internships, though.</p>

<p>i have an internship with Merrill Lynch this summer (summer after freshman year) near where i live. it's unpaid though. im sure that if you looked elsewhere some people might find paid internships. it's all possible if you take the initiative to actively look for them early on.</p>

<p>My friends and I had a tough time, but it's not impossible. I ended up with a job through an e-mail from the career center (after many unsuccessful attempts at independently sending out my resume). It's a very useful resource, whether you're looking for positions or just want to get your resume/cover letters critiqued. My friend at another college just got a paid internship at Fortune Magazine through personal connections, so use those too if you have them!</p>

<p>I can't get a minor in business (and I know I can't get a dual major in it)? They specifically told me that I could. That's one of the reasons I chose cornell. wow.</p>

<p>As an ILR student you can't minor in AEM, but you can minor in other business-related fields, like PAM...</p>

<p>PAM</a> Minor</p>

<p>I was also disappointed when I found out I couldn't minor in AEM (I'm in CAS) but honestly, it's not a big deal. You can still take the AEM courses that interest you and tell potential employers about them.</p>

<p>Bruno, don't be discouraged. every college has a "business-like" major. ILR is kind of business in itself, what i dont get is why you want to minor in AEM.</p>

<p>seems like a lot of kids get internships the summer after freshman year... I tried unsuccessfully to find one these past months, until one that had rejected me suddenly opened up a spot for me on friday.</p>

<p>I would wanna do it just so that I could have more opportunities, not that it matters since I can't even do it. I still can't believe this. </p>

<p>If ILR's curriculum doesn't fit with what I would want, how hard would it be to transfer to AEM? I like ILR (what i've heard, hopefully the rest of the stuff they told me is true) but I'd be nice to know that if I don't like it I can transfer if I have an high enough GPA</p>

<p>transferring into AEM is much easier than getting in out of HS IMO. as long as you have a good GPA. by the time AEMers reach senior year most of the class is there from transferring.</p>

<p>Bruno, I highly doubt ILR lied to you. You have no one to blame but yourself for not doing enough due diligence before making your decision. ILRies can declare formal minors in economics if you are interested in that. Furthermore your question is extremely vague. What kind of internship are you looking for? For BB IBD or MBB Consulting you will have no shot as a freshman. Doing something like private wealth management which I'm assuming the above poster is doing is much easier to get as a freshman and can help to set you up for an internship your soph/junior summer. I was a GT for ILR and will be joining next year. I'm interning at the NYC Department of Law, something that I landed after countless applications and multiple interviews at many different firms. My advice to you is to identify an area of business that interests you, join related clubs and do your best to network once you get to Cornell. Career services can also be a vital help. You should have no problem finding something after freshman year so long as you work hard enough. If you're interested in Finance I would recommend reading Plenty of good internship info over there.</p>

<p>Good Luck,

<p>i got an internship freshman summer at a small hedge fund through personal connections - you'll learn that connecting with people and networking is VERY important. i think i've heard the statistic that 80% of jobs are gotten through networking - not necessarily through applying via websites. </p>

<p>think about it, it makes sense: if someone who works for the company/is friends with the recruiter/someone the recruiter trusts/etc. vouches for you, then the recruiter has to do less work - s/he already has a basic background check on you. plus, people are more likely to trust their friends and if they give their word saying that you're a hard worker, then they'll have a better impression of you.</p>

<p>thank you for the advice and opinions everyone</p>