Internship Dilemma

<p>This belongs here just read it :)</p>

<p>I think leadership is one of my passions/focuses and I am lucky enough to have received an offer for an internship at a US rep's office. As a HS student(soon to be junior), I know I will probably be answering mail or something similar. Still, I think it is a good opportunity.</p>

<p>The issue is the timing. I know that many of us often forget that there is life beyond college applications so I am trying to make this realistic.</p>

<p>Anyway during late fall/winter ( mid nov ~ mid feb) I am completely busy with sports. during next summer I will be gone (camp counselor). Other than that I'll be busy like every other junior haha but I think it will be doable.</p>

<p>My question is what time period would be best to do the internship to use for life/the future or my apps.</p>

<p>I could just intern every day during a school vacation but then that isn't really app-worthy is it?
Or I could start it soon and stop during the winter and then start it for the spring and then stop for the summer and then start it back up</p>

<p>This doesn't really show commitment or consistency to the colleges does it? Would it be a plus for my app or not really?</p>

<p>I think that the internship will be interesting so I would like to at least do it for a little.</p>

<p>I just thought of another option I could drop regular physics and take internship instead. ( I would still be taking AP second semester, I would just need to study some of the basic topics before second semester. we have a weird schedule haha)
Comment please</p>

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<p>Do what makes you happiest but my suggestions:</p>

<p>Are you recruitable for your sport? Do you prefer playing your sport than interning with a U.S. rep?</p>

<p>If the answer is no to both questions, I would suggest dropping your sport and doing the internship though the entire school year. Whatever consistency gained from doing the sport for three years would be more than offset by the impressiveness of the internship IMO. BUT if you enjoy the sport, don't just drop it for college admissions.</p>

<p>Would you prefer being camp counselor or US rep intern?</p>

<p>If not, do the internship over the counselor with the same arguments as above.</p>

<p>Do you actually have the luxury of deciding when you do this internship? There are some Washington internships that require you to take an entire semester or summer to complete. Even if you work at an office in your home state, it's unlikely that they'll let you tailor your own schedule. </p>

<p>I agree with the above poster; you'll probably have to make some sacrifices if this is something you're seriously interested in.</p>

<p>not too sound to spoiled or whatever but basically... lets not worry about their schedule it will be/ has been taken care of</p>

<p>anyway I agree that something has to give. I am not recruitable and I am torn about which I am more interested in. I think I will stick with the sport and then take a free period (instead of taking reg physics) first semester. (As I said I will still be taking Ap physics second semester.) And then mainly intern from now ish until November ish and then perhaps take it up again in the spring.</p>

<p>more insight is still appreciated :)

~impatience is not a virtue</p>

<p>If you have already made up your mind, why do you ask? What do you want us to tell you?</p>

<p>Because my general questions haven't been answered and because I am still very open to persuasion.</p>

<p>would having gaps in the internship make it not as meaningful to colleges?
would just doing it for a week everyday have any meaning to them?</p>

<p>I guess you are kinda right but like every other member here I am nervous about the whole college application process and any reassurance is great. Also I think I am expecting you guys to be too psychic since my questions arent very clear/ I haven't given enough information to answer some of them</p>

<p>not to fish for complements or anything :P</p>

<p>IMHO, you just have to tell them you did two things in that period. No one is clocking you how many hours each.</p>

<p>kinda confused art</p>

two things= sports +internship
period= the sports season?</p>

<p>I cant do the internship and sports. The sports end after biz hours so during those months I cant do it.</p>

<p>Also don't colleges want to see how many hours?</p>

<p>I'll toss this out there. Having a gap in your internship makes it look just what it is, special treatment. Then you have to wonder if the person reading your app is going to give the internship much weight or view it as special treatment.
Make a decision on what you want to do when. Stick with it. Do not split your internship. Be humbled and thankful for the position you have found yourself in. If you do not treat the offer respectfully you may find it does not get you much mileage in applications, nor will you learn much during your time there (which honestly should be your goal).</p>

Having a gap in your internship makes it look just what it is, special treatment. Then you have to wonder if the person reading your app is going to give the internship much weight or view it as special treatment.


<p>Agreed. If it's a legitimate internship, you don't get to decide when you come and go.</p>

<p>ok blue puts it well</p>

<p>glass, it is legit and I believe I could decide that but it would look like special treatment</p>

<p>I don't think it is for you to decide. The office you will be interning in will decide on your schedule based on your availablity and their needs. (Even if they will offer you flexiblility, I would imagine it cannot be totally up to your discretion.)</p>

<p>There is nothing wrong with interning over vacations if they will work that out for you. Obviously, it should be clearly stated like that on your resume.</p>

<p>Most internships are either based on fall and/ or spring semesters plus summer and would be stated as such on a resume. It is perfectly acceptable to do just a spring or fall or summer internship. Or for a period of specific time that you have worked out with them.</p>

<p>Ok I think we have figured this part out I think it will be flexible (hint I know the circumstances) but colleges will think i got special treatment so try and not do that.</p>

<p>gracias I guess 3-4 months is good enough (aug-nov)</p>

<p>A Congressional internship Aug-Nov would be a valuable experience. I hope you enjoy it and learn a great deal.
Good Luck!</p>