Internship for a college freshman

My son just started his freshman year. currently he is taking accounting and business classes. What are the ideas to help him find his first internship for summer 2022?

  1. career center

  2. Set up a feed on indeed - for accounting interns - he’ll get daily listings.

Internships after Freshman are brutally tough to get - but he may also, near home, send letters to the principals at accounting firms large and small and for companies that have websites - the Big 4 and other large firms - he’ll need to apply on their websites.

Definitely have him get with the career center though and go to any career fairs.

good luck to him. hard work pays off - and lots of applications eventually will pay off.

Another vote for starting at the college career center. They will help with polishing the resume, interview tips, and then creating the elevator pitch.

Go to as many career fairs as possible even if it’s just to practice.

Set up a LinkedIn page.

Take whatever you can find and don’t be picky. Not many companies hire after first year.