Internship help, please

<p>I just started a new internship at a small biotech company this week. I'm really frustrated because I don't really exactly know what I'm doing. I'm trying really hard but there always seems to be a problem. In the job description it said that I'm supposed to be using Matlab (which I am very experienced in) however now they want me to work with some program I've never heard of before, called Microsoft Visual Basic. The code/program itself is new to me and when physics is combined, the programs I'm writing aren't always executing the way it's supposed to be. I'm so frustrated because I really want to help the company but it seems like I'm just sapping them $12 an hour for writing programs that don't even work...</p>

<p>Today my boss said that he "has faith in me." This obviously doesn't sound good, as it means that I am definitely screwing up right now.</p>

<p>Any advice or tips for me? This is my first internship. I am an upcoming junior.</p>

<p>Do you ask for help? Or do you just toil away producing things that aren't useful? Or at least that you think are not useful?</p>

<p>I had to sit down this summer and have a conversation with the person who was supervising my internship, because I didn't feel like I was contributing enough, be he said that I definitely was.</p>

<p>perhaps they have resources that would help you with visual basic, but they haven't given them to you because you haven't asked?</p>