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Good morning, I am a current high schooler and this will be my very first internship. So I got accepted into two internships and they are both ones I would like to do, but I’m stuck in my decision. One of the internships is 3 months in the summer and we are given job readiness training, work experience, and I can do it with two of my friends, which will be really fun. But the other one is more flexible and it is only from July to August, meaning I will also be able to take a coding class for web design the month before, which I think would be interesting to learn. I was hoping I could get some opinions on which one would be better that will help me in my decision-making. :slight_smile:

No one can answer this question for you. The decision is completely personal. Go with your gut and you’ll be fine.

With the first internship, you can have some new, real world experience working with friends and others and perhaps have a mentor or reference when finished. Sounds like unique opportunities. You may learn how to deal with structured work environment and meeting expectations and schedule of your employer.
Self study seems available at other times.

  1. You can make industry contacts.
  2. They look good on your résumé
  3. You can convert your academic knowledge into industry skills.
  4. The experience will narrow down your list of potential careers.
  5. You can gain an unforgettable life experience

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