internship issues at Towson, need opinions

Hi, My d is a senior at Towson majoring in finance and scheduled to graduate in May. One of the graduation requirements is a core business course that requires the students to obtain an internship for the spring semester. After sending out numerous applications and resumes, she has not heard back from any companies and is beginning to get stressed out.
The business/finance office does not seem to have any arrangement with finance companies to provide some internships for this course. Towson has posted a few but not enough to really have a good feeling on obtaining one. My D is beyond stressed out which is now causing mom and dad to stress. When we toured the college, we were told that the college helps the students find an internship, which has not been the case. She is searching on monster, google, career builder with no results. My question is, what would you all do? Would you contact the department head or the dean of the university and make a stink? If she does not graduate, she will be devastated, especially since its not like she failed a class. I feel the school should make sure all of the students in the major have a fair shot at an internship. Just wanted to hear how other parents of stressed out students would handle this. Thanks