Internship Offer After Doing An Internship

<p>I wanted to see how common this was, but here is my situation:</p>

<p>Basically, the company I've been interning for in business this summer says they want to have me on as an intern again next summer and then possibly extend a job offer. They said they liked my work this summer and that I add value to the business, but it seems like they may be reluctant to extend a full time job offer (?). They said they want to keep me on and don't want to lose me.</p>

<p>In the department I'm in, there are several interns, but I'm by far the youngest (one more year left of undergrad). Everyone else is in the process/finishing their masters degrees.</p>

<p>Several weeks ago, it seemed they tested my commitment to be hired by the company, but I left it open, saying "depending on what happens, I would be interested." It would appear my vagueness may have not gotten across my willingness to work for them. I wanted to leave an air of mystery because I do want to look elsewhere too, but I guess they think I'm not 100% committed.</p>

<p>I was hoping to have a job offer before going back to school in the event that the job market is still poor, and I was not expecting this. It's better than getting nothing, but not necessarily what I wanted.</p>

<p>So I just want to get your thoughts. What questions should I ask the company? What does this "offer" mean? I have until my internship ends to give them a response (a little more than a week). Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.</p>

<p>Are you being paid now? If so, are you paid well? If you are interested in working for the company, I would tell them that, but also tell them that, absent a job offer and commitment from them, you will be searching for permanent fulltime work.</p>

<p>Any chance of working for them fulltime right now and finishing your degree part-time?</p>

<p>I go to school in Tennessee and the company is in Kansas. It is paid, and the only way I would do an internship with them again is if they raised my pay and gave me good assurance that they'd hire me.</p>

<p>If I was you, I would say that I would certainly consider the offer, but after I graduate in May of next year (if that's indeed the proper timing), I really want to be employed full-time, not as an intern.</p>

<p>I don't know what field your internship is in, but remember that things can happen between now and the end of your potential second internship next summer. Someone else could get hired and they might not have room for you anymore. It sounds to me as though the company you intern for now is trying to get the most bang for the buck without considering what's best for you. That's fine for them; they are a business, after all, but is it fair for you to intern a second summer with this company? They know your skills, they know your work ethic, they know your character, and what's more, they seem to like what they've seen. I would push for a full-time offer.</p>

<p>Thank you all for your advice. I will keep formulating my next moves and try and walk away with a full time position. Thanks again.</p>