Internship selection for law school admissions

Hi, I am heading into my junior year this fall at my university. I am majoring in accounting and really enjoying it, I’m planning on going to law school to study corporate law.

Unfortunately this summer, I got elbow surgery to repair an injury from my sport that I play at my school at the varsity level (D1 baseball) and ended up not applying to any internships this summer as I’m using this summer for recovery (rehab 4 times a week) and LSAT test preparation. I plan on taking the LSAT this November. I currently have a 3.97 GPA and some other lower level work experience.

With that said, should I be looking for an accounting type internship for next summer or would an internship in the legal world better suit me for my futures plans. Thank you for your insight!

With an outstanding undergraduate GPA (3.97), the best use of your time is to prepare for the LSAT. A high LSAT score (170 or above) will have significant impact on your law school options and --based on law school attended–on your early career options in the legal field.

Type of internship is not an important factor in the law school admissions process for the Top 14 law schools, therefore, it may be best to follow your interests rather than trying to impress law school admissions officers.

Since you are an accounting major with an interest in attending law school, you should consider interning in tax accounting since many lawyers work for major accounting firms in the tax division.