<p>I'm a freshman. I just recently received a call from some lady (from college park) who said that she sponsors "a company" which raised like $8,500, and I have been recommended into their internship and I have been invited into an interview. I ask what the company is about but she just says the same thing, and I have been invited into an interview at the Armory in room 0117 tomorrow (Wednesday). She says the interview is 1 hour long and it's at 3:00. Does this sound kind of fishy to you? I already said I would go but I'm not too sure. Even if it is true, I noticed some fishy things in our phone call conversation. She asked me if I was a senior, and I said I was a freshman, and she says "oooooh, uhhhh, okay.." My chances are low if this internship seems to be real.
What do you guys think about it?</p>