Internships abroad? (Pay to work)

Have anyone’s kids done a program like AIFS which offers internships abroad? Was the internship worth it? How was the cultural/travel experience?

Background info- it’s kind of like studying abroad but where they provide a job supposedly in your major field. Just thinking for summer after freshman year for my kid- they likely wouldn’t get a real internship here locally and they want to do study abroad type stuff anyway. (The studying part isn’t the attraction- the travel is). So you’d be paying to work, but also to be living in a foreign country and doing things.

My younger S was going to do that after his freshman/sophomore year, but it was through his school. (JMU) he was going to work for a professional soccer club in Valencia, Spain over the summer. Unfortunately, both years it got cancelled at the last minute due to covid.

I don’t believe it was paid though