Internships after freshman year/during the year?

<p>So lately I've been looking through some internship opportunities as well as old threads on CC thinking about what I might do next year/summer since I've had nothing better to do anyways.</p>

<p>I was just common is it for a Stern student to get an internship the summer after freshman year? How do you recommend approaching the internship search so that you can have the highest chance of getting one that summer?</p>

<p>I have a few friends who are now rising sophomores that have landed really great internships at Barclays and Credit Suisse. However the majority of freshman won't. If you attend the career fairs and mention that you are anything other than a junior or higher chances are they will just brush you aside. There are less opportunities for sophomores and progressively less for freshmen. If you want one after or during freshman year you are really going to have to search and put yourself out there, have a great resume or connection as well.</p>

<p>I have two friends (one in Stern and one in CAS) and they both had internships all thru sophomore year. The friend in CAS was at Merrill Lynch and I don't remember about the other (Goldman Sachs maybe?). I think there is a wide range of opportunities during the year but I'm not sure about the summer. CareerNet is a good place to look.</p>

<p>hang out and make some money working retail or tutoring or volunteer and enjoy your freshman year. Most banks do not offer freshman internships unless you are in a program like smart start JP Morgan or have certain connections. You can start preparing for your internship search once you are a sophomore.</p>