internships and jobs during breaks

<p>I'm looking for some way to better utilize my time during my winter breaks.</p>

<p>Right now, during the summers I work as a counselor and director for this international summer program for high school students from other countries, and I really enjoy doing that. However, I spend winter break doing construction and contracting work (basically remodeling basements, installing insulation, stuff like that). While the pay is very good and the guys that I work with are basically some of my best friends, I would rather be doing something that is more relevant to my academic interests, which is history/international relations/languages. I want to go to grad school, yes, and that would definitely help, but I also just have a genuine passion for history and it would be nice to do something that was actually fun and exciting.</p>

<p>I know this may sound like a stupid question. All my friends have internships and jobs at labs, but they are all science majors, and it doesn't seem like there are that many opportunities for someone like me. What is someone who is interested in the humanities supposed to do during this time (besides relax)?</p>