Internships and other "practical" exposure at Whitman/Independent Majors

DD is a little concerned about whether she will be able to do internships in science/art combos while at Whitman. How is the career center? Are internships emphasized at Whitman? Also, do very many people create their own major? She is interested in combining science and art, but not sure how yet.


I’m unsure of what you mean by science/art combo internships, what would that look like? I did hear of a Whitman student who did a summer internship at the San Francisco Exploratorium, is that the kind of thing you’re thinking about? Whitman has the Student Engagement Center, which encourages, facilitates and in some cases funds internships. Students often pursue connections through the student engagement center, but can also set up their own through family and friend connections, so internship possibilities are wide open. There are also research projects open to students through their departments and professors, students often spend summers working on them. Yes, internships, and research, are important at Whitman.

Interdisciplinary majors are common. You can also double major or major and minor in different areas. I imagine your daughter wouldn’t be the first to combine art and science.