Internships/awards/competitions for animal lovers?

<p>Basically what the title says..looked around online but couldn't really find anything. I live in California and a junior in high school.


<p>Just volunteer/run a summer camp at the zoo.....</p>

<p>Check places where there are animals....</p>

<p>PETA or some sort of local animal rights group.
Animal shelters/adoption places.
Maybe even a vet's office.
Petco and Petsmart might have internships.
Intern to help with dog shows?
Work at a stable?
Work at a petting zoo?</p>

<p>Google volunteer job banks and put in your city. Maybe check the sites of nearby colleges - they might have a volunteer website with lists of stuff open to anyone to see (mine does). If a college nearby has an animal related major you might want to check the department website because some have internships/jobs listed where you don't have to be a student to see them. Check craigslist. Check local annual festivals and stuff - maybe there's an animal related one. </p>

<p>As for competitions just google, man. All I can think of is things where you use the animal to win stuff (horseback riding/racing and dog shows, etc) xD</p>

<p>It's kinda hard to be specific here. California is a HUGE state and what you're asking for is kinda vague...Like what kind of animals you are interested in would probably help narrow things down....</p>

Why the hell is peta first on your list?
It disgusts me that as*holes like you will openly support them.
Your ignorance is incredible. Read a bit on the organization. They are borderline terrorists.
Might as well donate to the animal liberation front while you're at it.</p>