Internships for Cornell CS

we visited Cornell recently and loved the beautiful campus. But its remoteness did make us think if students (CS majors) find it easy to get summer internships? Are there campus interviews offered by employers? Thank you in advance.

Today many jobs/interns are found via indeed and linkedin. It’s how my son found his internships and full time jobs and his CS friend had 3 intern offers for this summer in CS. This is from Alabama and UTK. Oh, and they get countless listings from the school and on handshake. And yes, some still come although less than b4 in the age of the internet. Others come “virtually”.

So if this is Alabama and UTK - how do you think Cornell would do?

Honestly - this wouldn’t/shouldn’t be a worry at all. But you can ask the school for even more detailed info if concerned.

Placement Report | Department of Computer Science (


Most internships are in the summer, and not on campus or in the surrounding community.


With the changing tech landscape, CS students shouldn’t rely too much on data from previous years. Those schools that were thought to have advantages because of their geographical proximity to big tech companies may be the most affected.

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Nobody can predict the labor market six months out- let alone five years from now (as recent layoffs have shown).

Kids should aim for the best possible education. The only predictable factor is that more rigor is (almost always) better than less.

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I will not be surprised if there are fewer internships available this summer. That being said, I think that most of the summer 2023 tech internships have already been filled.

I believe OP is asking about internship opportunities in general. Not for summer 2023.

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Ah, so in general:

Probably fewer near term

Hardest to get freshman year

Big employers cover travel etc

Get ready for code tests. Lots of good material out there on strategies