Internships for international students

<p>hi guys, i posted this in the international student thread, but i haven't been getting any responses...i hope that the guys here can give me some great advice :)</p>

<p>ok, so i'm gonna head off to the US this year, and am hoping for internship opportunities there. Is it possible for international students to get them? i'll do it with no-pay; i just want to expand my knowledge. I did an internship at Ernst & Young (in my country) once and i love it so much so is it possible for me to get one (any company) in the US?</p>

<p>I have friends who are international, and yes it is possible. However, it is difficult, because employers basically have the advantage and can pretty much get as many Americans as they want to fill their positions. The international students that I know who have received paid internships in the business field are absolutely outstanding.</p>