<p>I'm looking at Vanderbilt for a physics/chem/math major, and I just wanted to know what the internships and chances to do research as an undergrad are like.</p>

<p>yeah i am wondering the same thing.
the lady that i had my interview with said that many professors allow them to research with them and they also have a summer research program. but they dont seem to have tons of programs!</p>

<p>You might be right (not sure) that there are not a lot of formal programs set up to facilitate research opps. On the other hand, my son has been doing research since freshman first semester with a prof. in his field. He just walked into his office and asked him about opportunities. (This is in the engr school.)</p>

<p>The opportunities are there. I was a chem/math/spanish triple major and if you do well and talk to the professors, they will give you information. I never took it up because I had connections for internships overseas, but most of my friends that went to Vandy with me had research opportunities. One was a mech e., another was a bme, one physics, one chemistry, etc. etc. they all had something. When it comes to internships, you should probably attend the career fair or go to the career development office. they will be able to help you for sure.</p>