How does one obtain an internship while in High School? Does one have to know someone from the business personally, or does one go to the business (or wherever you’re interning at) and see if they require an intern? Pardon my ignorance pertaining to this subject, but I am looking at getting an internship during the summer of my Junior year and would like to be informed of the process. Maybe some CC users could describe their experience with their own internship and how it benefited them. One last thing, would any of you CC users recommend for searching for potential internships near you?

Personally, I would first ask people at your school like your GC. They might can give you some guidance. I would think about if you know any people who work in the area you’re interested in. It’s harder to find an “internship” when you’re in high school, but I’m sure someone would let you job shadow or create a program for you to learn and do research in. It never hurts to ask. I would call an office and ask to talk to the person you’re interested in interning with or to leave a voicemail if they cannot take a call at that time. Just always be polite and genuine. I think it demonstrates a certain level of maturity when you are professional and caring enough to reach out to someone who can provide you a more grown-up like learning experience.