Interracial Dating...

<p>I kind of have a crush on this white girl at my school. I've been eyeing her for quite some time now but have been afraid to make any moves. One time though, we were paired up as lab partners in my chem class. I was so nervous that I didn't talk all that much. She musta thought I was a typical super focused asian nerd, since I was sooo quiet. I've talked to mutual friends of ours, and she said my crush goes for like blonde hair, blue eye OC types. Problem is, I'm a 5-8, semi-fit Japanese kid (I play tennis and water polo)...Do you think their is anything I can do to change her typical type of guy so that she will go for me? Can the white girls out their testify to this...Have you ever liked an asian guy? </p>

<p>Thoughts appreciated...I can't stop thinking about her!!!</p>

<p>No, there's no chance whatsoever.</p>


LMFAO!!! Please you're embarassing the rest of us Asian guys dude by asking stupid questions.;)</p>


<p>I wish you guys could be a little more mature about this. I have my entire happiness vested into her...She's soooooooooooooo gorgous...Oh man.</p>

<p>Get over how I got over Jessica Alba in Deep Blue.</p>

<p>You don't have much of a chance unless you talk to her.</p>

<p>Whats the best way to start up a good conversation with her?</p>


<p>as a "white girl":D I can tell you that race doesn't mean much to me...if I think the guy is hot, I could care whether he is white or asian or hispanic or african american/black. Personality is the bigger deal. After all, my older sister is happily married to an Argentine guy :)</p>

<p>I dated a hot blonde girl. Girls get turned on by guys who are funny or those with a animated personality.</p>

<p>y dont u talk to her? isnt that fricken obvious? or did u read to much into that bitterasianmen site?</p>

<p>and even if u like mostly azn girls, u gotta try w/ this girl cuz thats how u get better</p>

Originally Posted by evil<em>asian</em>dictator
LMFAO!!! Please you're embarassing the rest of us Asian guys dude by asking stupid questions[\QUOTE]</p>

<p>and u r embarassing the rest of us azn guys by saying "dude"</p>

lol doesnt it seem like all girls like white guys?</p>

<p>White girls always love oriental spice in their lives ;) btw, I'm not asian, I am indian actually.</p>



<p>True, thats prolly why i had a white girl as a gf in the first place.</p>

<p>White girls always love oriental spice in their lives</p>


<p>at my school it seems like even the asian girls are obsessing over white guys. all the asian guys are talking about video games, sports, or some other useless crap</p>

<p>sevendust </p>


<p>As an Asian...well, Indian, I find this thread embarrassing...</p>

<p>Actually...I think Asian guys can be really cute as high school guys go...And I think I'm pretty attractive, even though I'm not blonde :) Anyway, I think girls would date any guy who is attractive, confident, and charming. The key is to talk to her and tease her! Don't make "being Asian" an excuse for bad interpersonal skills. Some Asian guys are really smooth. And anyway, all the white guys I fall for are the video-game-playing jocks with an intellectual side :) Maybe that's just cuz I'm the only gaming girl I know? haha enough of this self-serving thread.</p>

<p>I'm Indian and dating a half-French, quarter-Korean, quarter-Japanese girl whom I'm in love with. Just felt a need to boast sorry.:)</p>

<p>LOL she sounds pretty...mixed people are always so pretty ugggg</p>

<p>didn't you say your parents were like hella strict about all that, megalomaniac?</p>